Do you know how many people wished they were able to play the ukulele?

Not you!

That's right, as a graduate of Yes, Uke'N Play the Ukulele, you've clearly got what it takes to learn to play.

And now it's time to take your ukulele skills to the next level!

Meet Your Instructor Jocelyn!


"I love your course and the way you teach! :-) I never thought I would be able to play an instrument. I tried to play the guitar before and I failed. I thought that I don't have talent for it and that I am too old for it right now. And you know what, now I know it is never too late! :-) Thank you for that! I have to admit it is not easy, it's challenging. I still struggle to move smoothly from chord C to G, but I'm slowly getting there. Every day I see progress. And I have so much fun! Thank you for spreading the joy! I really appreciate your work!"

-Magda, Preschool Teacher

"Jocelyn, thanks for helping me every time that I reached you!! I really appreciate all the songs that I have learned. I have been singing all of them to my kids in my zoom meetings. I am still learning how to switch chords, but all the songs that I know now is amazing and thank you so much for that."

-Yvette, Preschool Teacher

"This class was well-paced and complete so you could work on it now or later and always have a few songs to play and sing."

-David, Retired Judge

"Take it from someone who is not musical. has never played an instrument (well there was that month with a guitar)- this is something that you can pick up really quickly and feel satisfied doing. Now I need singing lessons!"

-Linda, Preschool Teacher