It's time to hit the road and learn about all the ways we can "get around"!

Check out the 5 activities included in this fun and interactive circle time bundle!

  • Gettin' Around - Turn your listening ears on. Can you name the kinds of transportation in this catchy tune? Great for building listening skills and vocabulary, your little movers will love all the sounds they hear.
  • I Hear a Train - The train is getting closer and that means it's getting louder as well! Grab your rhythm sticks, it's time to meet the train at the station!
  • Shape Street - Ready to spice up how you teach shape identification? Then you'll love this hands-on activity that not only reinforces the skill, but allow children to drive their toy cars around Shape Street.
  • Bell Horses - Jump on one of the oldest forms of transportation, a horse! In this movement activities children will play jingle bells as they gallop around the room and then return to the barn when play time has come to an end.
  • Goodbye Train - Children will enjoy the opportunity to say goodbye to each child by name and you'll love being able to add a new goodbye song to your repertoire!

Activities include:

  • Video demonstrations - Not knowing how to teach an activity can often be what stands in the way for teachers wanting to bring in new ideas. That’s why each activity comes with a video demonstration so you can see it in action.
  • Activity guides -You’ll find everything you need to know to teach the activities right here. Each activity guide features directions, materials required, lyrics and a list of what your kids will learn.
  • Digital Tracks - Each activity comes with a digital audio track. Download it to your favorite digital device and you’ll have quick and easy access all the time!
  • Printables - If an activity works best with a visual aid, you’ll find it here. Simply print and laminate, and you'll increase engagement - guaranteed

Get started now!

Get started now!