Spring is here! The birds are chirping, the caterpillars are crawling and flowers are popping up everywhere.

Check out the 5 activities included in this fun and interactive circle time bundle!

  • When I Hear the Music: Music has a way of changing our mood and getting our body moving! Starting your circle time with a structured movement song like this will help get everyone focused and ready to learn. This song also encourages creativity when kids come up with ideas for what they do when they "hear the music."
  • Flower, Stand Tall: Color identification and listening skills are the name of the game with this song. It’s a springtime staple in my practice, since those are both important goals with my students and clients. Use scarves, wrist jingle bells, streamers, bean bags, shakers, or just about any multi-colored items along with this song, giving students the opportunity to put their hand up high when they hear their color mentioned.
  • Ladybugs Dance Stop and go activities are a great way to get children moving their bodies and following directions. By having them return to their leaf to eat every time the music stops, they stay engaged and on task.
  • Ladybug Spots When children learn to count, it's usually by rote, meaning they've memorized the order the numbers go in without understanding what they mean. Therefore, it is important to give them many opportunities to make this abstract concept concrete. This helps them begin to realize that each object in a group can be counted once and only once. That's just what they'll do with all of the spots on this cute little ladybug.
  • Caterpillar Walks Around: This song tells the simplified story of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, complete with easy-to-follow motions. By involving the body in learning this concept through play, it has greater meaning than if it were only shared in a story or image.

Activities include:

  • Video demonstrations - Not knowing how to teach an activity can often be what stands in the way for teachers wanting to bring in new ideas. That’s why each activity comes with a video demonstration so you can see it in action.
  • Activity guides -You’ll find everything you need to know to teach the activities right here. Each activity guide features directions, materials required, lyrics and a list of what your kids will learn.
  • Digital Tracks - Each activity comes with a digital audio track. Download it to your favorite digital device and you’ll have quick and easy access all the time!
  • Printables - If an activity works best with a visual aid, you’ll find it here. Simply print and laminate, and you'll increase engagement - guaranteed

Bonus Lesson Plan and Song Sheet with QR Code!

Not sure how to arrange the activities at your circle time? No worries!

It's all done for you.

You'll also get a song sheet to quickly remind yourself of the lyrics and a QR code to play all the tunes on your digital device.

Get started now!

Get started now!