Dinosaur Activities for Circle Time!

5 activities to keep your circle times fresh, fun and full of learning!

Kids of all ages love dinosaurs—it's practically a scientific fact. Whether the dinos are cute, scary, or somewhere in the middle, little ones can't get enough of them.

Check out the 5 activities included in this fun and interactive circle time bundle!

  • "Dinosaurumps" by Tony Mitton - Colorful illustrations, catchy rhymes and opportunity to move around makes this dinosaur story a must at circle time. You'll love the repeating song that fosters language development and engagement.
  • If I had a Dinosaur Living in My House - Well, that's a thought isn't it?!? Tap into creative thinking in this fun chant where kids take turns naming their new pet dinosaur.
  • Dinosaur Hatching - Just like birds, dinosaurs are hatched from shells. Pair pretend play with gross motor movement in this fun song your little dinos will want to play again and again.
  • Dinosaur Time - Learn dinosaur names and counting at the same time in this movement activity.
  • Dance Like the Dinosaurs - Did dinosaurs dance? Maybe! They also stomped, flew and slept. Those are just a few ways your dinosaurs might want to move as they dance and grove.

Activities include:

  • Video demonstrations - Not knowing how to teach an activity can often be what stands in the way for teachers wanting to bring in new ideas. That’s why each activity comes with a video demonstration so you can see it in action.
  • Activity guides -You’ll find everything you need to know to teach the activities right here. Each activity guide features directions, materials required, lyrics and a list of what your kids will learn.
  • Digital Tracks - Each activity comes with a digital audio track. Download it to your favorite digital device and you’ll have quick and easy access all the time!
  • Printables - If an activity works best with a visual aid, you’ll find it here. Simply print and laminate, and you'll increase engagement - guaranteed

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