Animal Activities for Circle Time!

Activities to keep your circle times fresh, fun and full of learning!

Each activity includes:

  • Video demonstration - Not knowing how to teach an activity can often be what stands in the way for teachers wanting to bring in new ideas. That’s why each activity comes with a video demonstration so you can see it in action.
  • Activity guide -You’ll find everything you need to know to teach the activities right here. Each activity guide features directions, materials required, lyrics and a list of what your kids will learn.
  • Digital Audio Tracks - Each activity comes with a digital audio track. Download it to your favorite digital device and you’ll have quick and easy access all the time.

Extra Bonus: Printables - If the activity works best with a visual aid, you’ll find it here. Simply print and laminate, and you'll increase engagement - guaranteed.

Who has time to lesson plan? Not you!

Do you spend hours pinning ideas for circle times only to find they never actually happen?

You aren't alone! Seeing an idea is one thing, knowing if kids will love is a whole other.

So, if you are like many teachers, you stick to the activities you know. Only problem is when you have sung the same song or read the same book for the 500th time, it's hard to get exited about it and kids pick up on this energy (ie. lack of engagement, increased behavior issues etc.).

I want to help you change this pattern by providing activities that work. How do I know? Because I've taught them to kids just like yours.

If these activities sound like a great way to keep your circle times fresh, fun and FULL of learning, read on to find out about my newest activity pack!

Here's what one teacher said who purchased the bundle....

"I really liked the variety of activities in the 5 you sent. Also, I really appreciated that the activities supported basic preschool learning in counting, shapes, colors, and rhyme. They inspired active participation and kept things interesting. To be honest, it was so helpful to have all the materials prepped already. It helped me to be very organized, so thank you."

-Audra Gooden, PreK Teacher, Alaska

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